Frequently Asked Questions

The only relevance for your correct shoe size is the length of your feet.

Since your feet will slip a bit forward while walking add 3-5mm to your foot length.

Here we show you how to measure your feet.

Walking in Sole runner shoes will give you a good blood circulation. A good blood circulation keep your feet warm.

Of course the individual comfort zone is different. For colder conditions we recommend our winter shoes and boots. Some shoes come with a warm in sole such as Transition Vario.

Select your gender and filter for "Winter".

All our Sole Runner Barefoot shoes are water-repellent - not waterproof. We offer Spray for fabric and leather upper and our waterproof sock from Sealskinz which you can put on your feet in wet conditions.

Yes, of course you can return the shoes and we will refund the money paid. We offer a free return within Germany and Austria. All other customers should return the goods on their own cost.

Barefoot shoes should be wide that your feet can "work" and get trained. Maybe in the beginning you need to get used for more space.

If it is uncomfortable for you or you feel unsecure you should take off some space and put an extra in-sole in the shoe. Our casual shoes are supplied with a free of charge insole.

Yes, we deliver worldwide. We use FEDEX as a courier. Please check in the checkout process the shipping cost for your country.

Yes you can. Make sure that the shaft is high enough for your insoles. But always ask yourselves WHY you need to wear orthotic insoles and does it not make sense make it sense to go barefoot? If you need help to answer this questions ask your doctor. Always keep in mind that an insole which gives you a support will not help to strengthen your feet

In shoes with a soft and thick outsole you will have a harder rebound. Since your feet is an organ which wants to touch they pushes hard to get the information from the surface. Bare feet or in Barefoot shoes your feet get the information directly.

approx. 70% of secure walking comes from the feeling your feet have. With a thick sole your feet will not have a feeling from the ground.