Shoe Width

Which shoe width is right for me?

Barefoot shoes shouldn’t just be light or have a thin sole to provide the best connection with the ground. They should also be wide enough to give the toes room to move and shouldn’t constrict the feet.
But “tight” is a flexible term ;-)

We developed our SOLE RUNNER® models in accordance with the most recent orthopedic findings.
We also make sure that the tongue of the shoe doesn’t slip, the laces of our lace-up shoes are smooth and that the delicate vein that runs over the arch of the foot isn’t squashed, leading to your foot ‘falling asleep’.

In Germany alone there are 80 million people with 160 million different feet. Feet come in many different shapes and sizes. There are slender feet, sturdy feet, flat feet or feet with a high instep.
Many people also suffer from deformed feet, or have injuries, hammer toes or hallus valgus.
Slender feet with a high instep need wide shoes, because wide shoes provide more space than narrower shoes.
Wide, sturdy yet flat feet need wide or extra wide shoes. However, if necessary an insole should be used to pad out the shoe slightly, so that the space above the flat instep isn’t too large.

Social etiquette also needs to be considered. Who wants to go to a business meeting wearing wide sports shoes?

Here at Sole Runner we try to cover every situation with our models. This means making compromises at times. The elegant lady shoe Aponi or Scout moccasin are far better suited to the professional environment, as opposed to the Transition Vario model.

You should always take the circumstances into account. As well as the fact that shoes can never be too wide or too small. Rather, it’s the feet that don’t fit the shoes.

Along with the width of the shoe, or the width of the last the shoe is created on, it’s also important to take different materials into account.
Leather stretches better and faster than fabric. A thick lining will also take up space in the shoe.

Please always consider our size chart.
Do you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us.