Walking barefoot like mother earth intended

Going barefoot is the most natural way of getting around for us humans. Those who walk barefoot and master the natural gait, do not step on the heel, but on the metatarsus or even on the forefoot. Especially on hard soils such as concrete or stone, on dirt roads or on gravel you can clearly feel the difference between the innate, natural gait and heel strike.

Spreading the weight on a larger (sole) area reduces stress on our joints.

When walking, one speaks in the heel strike of an additional burden on the joints of about twice their own body weight. When jogging this burden is many times higher.

Who goes barefoot, of course, goes easy on the joints. Knees, hips, pelvis, back or even our jaws are often just command receivers and need to balance what is sent "from the bottom" to the wrong "up".

So how do we manage to practice healthy, barefoot walking in our civilized world without injury and socially adapted? The question we face in the production of our barefoot shoes is: How can we move as naturally as possible and yet be protected from e.g. small stones, roots or dirt?

For us it is a thin but highly abrasion-resistant and very flexible outsole, which (glued by hand) offers us the most direct contact with the ground.

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