Walking barefoot like mother earth intended

Dear Sole Runner customer, we do our best to protect the health of everyone involved in our business - employees, partners, customers and recipients - and to maintain the ability of our company to work.

We of course deliver also during Covid19 pandemic. 

That we can succeed, your participation is absolutely necessary: Please make sure that the acceptance of parcels is secured. Especially if e.g. your employer has been given as the delivery address and the company is currently unable to accept goods. This applies both to Germany and currently to other EU countries. The shipping carriers are currently working 24/7. Shipments that cannot be delivered will be sent back to us without further information. Unfortunately, we have to pass on the additional costs to you.This rule has been in place for many years, but due to the current situation it is even more important to avoid additional work for the logistic companies.More information is available here: https://www.sole-runner.com/en/solerunner-2019/return-delivery. The current discussions about partial border blockages can lead to delays in the delivery of parcels to exports. Please check your carrier website for additional information.

Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy.