Sole Runner Barefoot shoes
certified as an ergonomic product

The IGR Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie e.V. operates nationwide and is a partner der INQA (New Quality of Work Initiative, supported by the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs) and is also a founding member of the Federal State Prevention Commission – a project of the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Public Health. The IGR is only liable to meet the objectives of its association. That products which are certified by us have significantly greater chances on the market is fully compatible with our objectives.
Tested items are office furniture, seating concepts, solutions for industry and workshops, sleeping systems and mattresses, ergonomic solutions for children, ergonomic accessories and all kinds of mobility products.

As the first shoe manufacturer ever Sole Runner Barefoot Shoes are certified already in 2015. The content of the certification say::

The properties of the product offered by SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes are basically fulfilled. This has resulted in the detailed examination and confirmed. Walking with the SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoe is the same as barefoot walking. There is a protective function for the foot which protects against injuries due to sharp-edged ground or injury-threatening objects.

Technical inspection, product testing in accordance with DIN 33419 / EN ISO 15537 The product testing applies the valid standards and determines the level of adaptation of the product to the physical characteristics of the test person. The certificate is granted after passing the product testing.

Information about the product certification