SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes in action

Jogging in SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes
Whether for running, warming up or cooling down, or during a training session, the ultralight weight of approximately 160g (EU Size 42, 10.827”) means you’ll hardly feel the SOLE RUNNER® shoes. SOLE RUNNER® shoes encourage intuitive, natural running. Without supports and cushioning. Please take note of the following:

  • You should slowly transition your running style to a more natural way of running (midfoot)
  • When wearing SOLE RUNNER® shoes you should run as if barefoot, not like with cushioned shoes
  • To begin we recommend walking for longer periods and practicing running techniques
  • It is important not to overdo things at first, and to listen to your body or to ask your trainer how best to start
  • Then try starting out with short sessions and small steps of around 180 per minute. Your legs should move under your body. Not in front of your body!

Yoga in SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes
SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes provide you with optimum ground contact.
Whether outdoors or in the gym.
Sole Runner® shoes protect your feet outdoors and protect against dirty, unhygienic floors in the gym.

Hiking in SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes
SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes are not alpine hiking boots and shouldn’t be used in place of climbing boots.
But really, how often are we up in the high mountains where we need alpine equipment and suitable footwear?
Wouldn’t we rather just spend some time outdoors in nature. We love to go on walks or go hiking. Be that at the sea, in lowlands, or a mountain hike in low mountain ranges, the Alps or on holiday. Do we always need sturdy, stiff footwear or could we go on many of these walks barefoot? But what about if we injure ourselves on a sharp stone, root, thorn etc. or even step on a wasp when walking barefoot?
SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes provide reliable protection against unforeseen obstacles and help us to hike through nature with more care.

Everyday activities in SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes
Whether hiking, cycling, in everyday life, on a business trip or as a second pair of shoes after a great mountain hike or wonderful days skiing, their ultralight weight of around 160g (EU size 37, 9.488”) and the small size, mean that SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes don’t take up much space and are a quick option to throw on your feet. Try walking around almost barefoot again.
Walk barefoot but stay protected, that’s what SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes can offer. With SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes, the barefoot season can be extended to 365 days a year. Our feet are a perfect biomechanical miracle and are perfectly made for running.
When wearing SOLE RUNNER® shoes, thousands of nerve endings, up to 33 muscles, 28 bones and 19 ligaments in the feet are safely activated and trained.