Customer Reviews

Thank you for making such a great product

My name is Steve Maxwell. I'm a well known trainer from the US. I'm currently here in Germany teaching fitness seminars.

One of my on line clients, bought me a pair of your fantastic shoes, the FX Trainer.

They are the absolute best minimalist shoe I have ever worn.

If you were known in the US, you would sell a lot of shoes.

Hey from Finland

Unfortunately we had some technical problems in the wilderness of Finland at minus 20°, so I'm only now reporting on my experiences:

On the first day we did a 3.5 hour snowshoe hike on the frozen lake in central Finland with -12°C and wonderful sunshine.

I with my new Transition Vario had no problems with cold feet.

My friend, who was wearing leather shoes with lambskin lining, complained about cold feet, especially for the first ½ hour that we walked in the shade. The felt sole and the felt lining at the back 

over the heel warm the feet perfectly and if the foot muscles can move properly, there are no problems on the upper side in these temperatures.

On Sunday it was again bearable to be outside for longer at -10°C and the sun was shining from an almost cloudless sky.

It was time for some old Finnish winter fun Potkuri (chair on sledges) for a ride.

It was twice as much fun with Transition Vario, it keeps your feet warm, is light, you don't slip when you push off and the slightly profiled sole helps when braking.

3. Barefoot run in Großolbersdorf

I just didn't dare to run barefoot, somehow I'm too afraid of hurting myself. 

I am very happy that they have now developed the Sole Runners, because otherwise I wouldn't know what shoes to wear.

Sole Runners can really be described as barefoot shoes. They only protect as much as necessary, but you can clearly feel what surface you are running on and, thanks to the thin sole without cushioning, you quickly get used to a different (healthier!) running style, whether you are simply walking or jogging. They have really thought of
everything with the Sole Runners: the raised edge means you don't get wet feet so quickly and the loop in the tongue means they don't slip. I also like the fact that the sole is made in such a way that it doesn't wear through on asphalt.

As I was used to running naturally, I was able to simply put on the Sole Runners in Großolbersdorf and run over a challenging course (with lots of stones) without any problems.

I can only recommend these shoes: to barefoot runners who can't run barefoot and to everyone else anyway. Especially women with eternally cold feet will be amazed at how warm their feet suddenly become when running and stay warm for a long time afterwards.

I will run as much as possible with my new Sole Runners and remember the beautiful run in Großolbersdorf with pleasure.

No barefoot shoe that I have tested so far comes closer to walking barefoot than yours

You actually leave a barefoot imprint after walking through some water.

In my opinion, a big advantage is that the sole is also very thin in the heel area. This "forgives" unhealthy and unphysiological heel walking.

With your shoe, the learning effect is built in, so to speak. It would be permanently painful to walk on your heels. You walk more automatically on the forefoot/midfoot. It really is almost as if you weren't wearing a shoe.

From a professional chiropractor's point of view, I can only strongly recommend these shoes!

Walking barefoot, which is optimally facilitated by your shoes, automatically straightens the posture; the breath is deepened; pressure on internal organs, which is caused by a forward-shifted walking position, as is usual with heel-emphasized walking with normal shoes, is relieved; the foot muscles are addressed and trained again, which benefits the alignment of the foot skeleton and the numerous nerves in the area of the feet are addressed again.

In short, a liberating blow for feet that have been battered by civilization.

Similar versions that can also be worn with business outfits would be highly desirable.

The shoes were also professionally tested by me with regard to health-promoting factors and possible disruptive factors for body statics and movement behavior:

1. testing using binary biofeedback test via Occipital Drop according to Dr. Tedd Koren
2. Kinesiological muscle testing according to Dr. George Goodheart
3. structural posture and respiratory function test according to Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

The shoes performed first class in all tests. Better than the Merrell, Nike Free 3.0 and Vivobarefoot models.

An excellent result!

You have created something great for structural health and holistic support in general.
Kai Haselmeyer, M.Sc. (HP)

BMW Berlin Marathon

I got Sole Runner FX Trainer shoes 10 days before the Berlin marathon. When I test them the next day for the first time I immediately felt that this was it.

Shoes are very light so you barely know you have it on. They hug foot very well, but not too much. Thus, the foot is always in its place and there is no risk of blisters.

I really like the sole, it is not too thick, so as to maintain a sense of barefoot running, as well in not too thin and not too painful if you step on any stone.

Without problems I also run on the macadam roads.

This shoes became my first choice to run. I've used them in Berlin, where they performed excellent. Soles didn't hurt much and I didn't get any blisters.

With result few seconds under 3 hours, I set a personal record.

Now I don't imagine anymore to go on a run without a Sole Runner FX Trainer shoes!

Klemen Pukl, Marathon Runner