With SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes you’ll be walking on a thin, but very abrasion-resistant sole with a thickness of around 2.5 to 6mm. The sole is so thin that after stepping in a puddle you’ll see a clear footprint rather than the print from the sole of a shoe. That proves that wearing SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes is almost like walking with bare feet.

SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes provide the most direct contact with the ground in places where walking or running barefoot isn’t common, such as on unpaved ground. Thanks to the extremely thin sole, you’ll keep that important sense of touch and every movement of the foot will feel as natural as possible. Your feet can work effectively and naturally.

SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes have no heel, no supports and no cushioning, which means the entire foot has equal contact with the floor. The positive features of barefoot running extend to your whole pattern of movement.

SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes make walking easier and provide firm contact to the ground. When wearing thick soles all floors feel the same and you completely lose the feeling of different ground conditions.
SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes help you to regain this feeling.

Going in SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes
has very positive health effects on the feet, general wellbeing and physical coordination.
SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes are perfectly suited to anyone who cares about their health and for athletes as additional footwear for training.


An overview of the advantages


The thin soles of our SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes are bonded on and usually also additionally stitched on, preventing water from penetrating the shoes when worn on damp ground. The sole provides direct contact with the floor and as such allows you to walk as if barefoot.

Our lace-up shoes have functional laces which provide secure hold. They often have invisible eyelets, which allow the laces to easily glide through. There’s no need to constantly tighten them. Most of our slip-on shoes have an additional elastic piece, which means they can be slipped on easily even on larger feet. In comparison to similar ‘normal footwear’ our SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes are extremely light and flexible, meaning they are great for travelling.

Our lasts have a heel-to-toe drop of 0mm.
This means that the difference in height between the heel and toes is 0mm, just like our feet. The width of the front of the shoe will let any feet breath. Our SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes are available in 3 widths: normal (width G), wide (width H) and extra wide (width K). The width of the shoe can be found in the product description. The heel fits perfectly. Blisters are a thing of the past with these shoes.

SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes have both an asymmetric design and last form. The tongue has been designed to prevent any annoying slippage. All outer materials used for SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes are water-repellent.