Shipping to USA & Canada
and other Non-EU Member States

Do you want to make an order from USA, Canada or other Non-EU Member States?
We do ship weekly our SOLE RUNNER® shoes outside Europe.

Since the shipping cost vary almost on a daily basis, we ask you to send us some information before you make your order.
Cost for fuel surcharge, toll, climate protection surcharge etc. belongs to the shipping address.
E.g. shipping to the east coast is much cheaper than a shipping to e.g. Montana, Texas, Hawai or British Columbia.
Sometimes FEDEX is cheaper for your location, sometimes UPS.

Please send your complete shipping address and which article you are looking for.
We then will calculate your shipping cost according to your address and weight of the shoe.

We will give you the correct quote and the cheapest carrier for your location and you then decide wether you want to make your order.
Please understand that the website show an estimate shipping cost to you which mostly will be higher than the real shipping cost.

Please pay the shown shipping cost and if the real cost is cheaper we will refund the difference to your credit card.
If the cost are higher than shown in the checkout we ask you to pay the additional fees before shipping.

Please note that customs duties or import sales tax have to be paid in your country/state/city.
Please contact the relevant authorities for more information.

In case that you are a German or understand German but you live abroad and shipping should be outside an EU-Member-State, please use our English website you are currently on for your order and not our German website.

In case you need to return goods, please read our information on our return webpage

Thank You
Thorsten Ludwig
Owner & Founder of SOLE RUNNER® Barfoot Shoes