SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes have received a “major coup” from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (STMWI) and, as one of nine Bavarian companies, can call themselves
“Digital Champion in Bavarian Retail”.

As part of the project funded by STMWI, ibi research at the University of Regensburg systematically examined digitization strategies and success factors of small and medium-sized retailers in Bavaria. Nine Bavarian companies have been identified as pioneers in terms of digitization and act as role models.

Thorsten Ludwig, the owner of SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes, is very pleased: “Maybe I was a little ahead of my time when I founded the first online shop for barefoot shoes in Europe in 2005. With the opening of my SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoe store in Diessen/Bavaria, Lake Ammersee, we now have the perfect symbiosis of online and retail. The structural change of the retail trade has been caused by the changed shopping behavior. This started by consumer long before the covid19 pandemic. Now digital concepts have proven to be more important than ever for retail."

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SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes were recognized as an ergonomic product already in 2015.

The Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR) has created a seal of approval that serves as a guide and decision-making aid for ergonomic products.

The strong network of doctors, physiotherapists, scientists, employees of company health management, officials and product developers is based in Nuremberg and was founded in the mid-1990s.

In all of the initiatives and projects on which the institute works, the focus is always on people and their health.
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