What exactly is a barefoot shoe?

Those who go barefoot and walk properly on the forefoot go naturally and are gentle on the joints. [Video]

Knees, hips, pelvis, back or even our jaws are often only receiving orders and have to compensate for what is sent incorrectly "upwards" "from below".

So how do we manage to practice healthy, barefoot walking in our civilized world without injury and in a socially appropriate manner?

That question we always ask ourselves when producing our barefoot shoes: How can we move as naturally as possible and still be protected from e.g. small, sharp stones, roots or dirt?

For us it is a thin but highly abrasion-resistant and very flexible outsole. Lightweight shoes that allow the foot and toes to move freely. Shoes that adapt to the feet and not the other way around. Shoes that offer us direct contact with the ground and enable us to walk almost like on the sole of our feet but protected.