Brexit Information

Dear GB Customers,

thank you for considering to purchase a Sole Runner barefoot shoe.

We know we have a lot of fans of our shoes in the UK.
The United Kingdom, consisting of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is no longer a member of the EU single market and customs union since January 1, 2021.

Unfortunately the UK Government and Customs Authorities set up new rules for business with EU market..
For shipments to end users the UK Government allow to ship goods until 135 GBP without having a company registered in UK.
We convert £135 to 160€.

Unfortunately £135 or 160€ includes the shipping cost. Therefore we have a limit of 140€ for a product purchase.
Together with shipping cost we are below 160€.

If UK Government will update their rules we will adopt these.

For other orders please get in contact with our UK partner Happy Little Soles. They will be very happy to serve you.

Thank you for your understanding.
Sole Runner Management

Dear Customers from Great Britain,

from May 1st 2022 the British government changed again regulations for deliveries to Great Britain. Until further notice we stopped again shipments to GB. Please. get in contact with our partner happy little soles (s.above).