What to consider when choosing a shoe width?

A barefoot shoe should not only be light or have a thin sole to provide the contact with the ground as well as possible. It should also be cut wide, so that the toes have room to work and the foot is not restricted.
If you looking for Kid shoes please find the width directly on our size chart: https://www.sole-runner.com/en/content/shoe-size

Are you searching for adult shoes please see below.

There are millions of people with twice as much different feet. There are many forms of foot shapes. There are slender feet, strong feet, flat feet or feet with a high instep.
Many people also suffer from deformed feet, have injuries, hammer toes or a hallux valgus.

A slim foot with a high dorm of the foot may need a wide shoe, because a wide shoe offers more volume than a narrow shoe. A wide, strong but flat foot need a wide or extra-wide shoe.

Saying this we also have the etiquette. Who would like to go into a serious-minded business meeting in a wide sports shoe?

We at Sole Runner try to live up to any situation with our barefoot shoe styles. You might also consider making compromises. A chic Aponi or Scout Moccasin is certainly better suited to a professional appearance than z.b. a Transition Vario and a foot with a Hallux Valgus often feel just as comfortable in a soft, normally cut suede moccasin as in a wide-cut canvas shoe.

Without making the purchase of shoe too complicated, we give here a hint about the widths of our lasts. From shoe size to shoe size, we add about 4mm of width.
Starting with shoe size 36, this means the following for the circumference:

Narrow Last: 214mm, Normal last: 224mm, Wide last: 230mm, Extra wide last: 238mm. The circumference is measured from the small toe joint over the big toe joint.

Are you looking for a casual shoe, a sport shoe or a business style. You certainly find your right SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoe. For those who feel insecure with the shoe width, we have installed a width filter on our product pages.

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