Social Responsibility

We are an owner-operated company - based in Diessen am Ammersee - and have been developing and producing our
SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes since 2011.

Our shoes are developed in Germany.

Ethics, social responsibility and sustainable values aren’t just theories for us - we live and breathe them everyday. As a result, concepts such as a healthy walking style, connection with nature, sustainability, high quality and fair prices are just as important to us as decent working conditions at our production partners in Germany and abroad.

After manufacturing our products in Slovenia for 4 years, our manufacturer gave up production and in 2015 we had to find a new manufacturing plant. In the meantime, our quantities have increased so much that we now produce our shoes at various, mostly family-run manufacturing sites around Chennai (once Madras) in the south of India. Most of our shafts are sewn by a German company in Chennai.

We have an office on the manufacturing sites, which our team in Germany is in daily contact with. The German development team also visits the plants three to four times a year.

We purchase the outer material from German suppliers. We buy our laces, thread and other shoe accessories such as eyelets, elastic bands, velcro, etc. from local manufacturers.
The high-quality soles come from Slovenia and India. Our leathers are purchased from local suppliers that have been audited by the Environmental Stewardship Audit of the LWG (
Our Indian producer passed the strong audit from LWG as GOLD RATED.

Our Indian producer has a strong sense of responsibility and has self-imposed the international guidelines of the SCoC (Social Code of Conduct). These guidelines from the International Labour Organization (ILO) (a UN agency based in Geneva) are designed to ensure global labour and social standards with the aim of guaranteeing labour law and decent work for people worldwide.

Our regular visits to the factory confirm this conscientiousness again and again.

In 2017, we started to run our paperless office. As a result, our consumption of paper, printer cartridges and all other print-related items has been reduced by more than 80%.

Of course, we do not use plastic filling materials in our shoeboxes. In 2019, we switched to high quality cardboard fillers instead of paper. Step by step, all products are equipped with these fillers.
They ensure a visually good impression of the shoe and should also continue to be used as fillers, that the shoe retains its shape even after being worn.

Our shoe boxes are folded and not glued. We save glue and do not burden the environment additionally. As a company, of course we participate in the dual system. The use of adhesives is very restricted. The inner lining is merely sprayed and not fully pasted with glue.
This not only protects the environment, but also supports the breathability of the materials used.

Our employees and external partners work with great joy on the project of natural, healthy walking.
Deformed feet and back pain are among the most common diseases of our civilized world.
Our goal is to bring people closer to nature and joint-gentle walking.

SOLE RUNNER® barefoot shoes allow you to walk almost like on your own soles.